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*all footage and images captured in-game

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‘Eilean a’ Cheò’
The Misty Isle

Skye is a hyper-realistic, survival game set on the isle of Skye during the Viking period.

Finding yourself washed up on the shore of an unknown island after your longship sinks at sea, you are left with nothing but your trusted axe by your side.
Looking up from the beach to the vast landmass beyond, three words sear themselves into your mind.

Fear, Awe, and Reverence

Fear at what lies amongst those dark forests.
Fear at being utterly alone and helpless against the elements and the insurmountable challenge ahead of you as you lay there wet, cold, and hungry.

Awe; as the sun cuts through the morning fog Illuminating the great snow-capped mountains in the distance.

And reverence, reverence for a land which can give as much as it takes away.
Reverence for land controlled by those who commune not only with nature but with the gods themselves.

Rise Warrior. For stories are not sung of men who die without their axe in their hand.

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