‘Eilean a’ Cheò’
The Misty Isle

Embark on an epic journey through a hyper-realistic, Viking survival game, set on the majestic Isle of Skye.
Join Einar as he braves the elements and confronts fearsome predators, unravelling the fate of the land and the mystery of his arrival.

Early Access 19th June 2024

Sharpen your axe and prepare to set sail – Valhalla awaits!

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Explore New Worlds

Immerse yourself in the stunningly realistic terrains of Mørsvikbotn and Skye, crafted with real-world heightmaps on a 1:4 scale. Explore vast and dramatic landscapes, adapting your survival strategies to each season with dynamic day-night cycles and changing weather, all rendered with Lumen Global Illumination. Enjoy exceptional performance with NVIDIA’s DLSS 3 and Intel’s XeSS for breathtaking resolution, smooth gameplay, and reduced latency.

Ensure Your Survival

Survive and thrive by mastering resourcefulness, planning, and resilience. Tend to your wounds, manage hunger and thirst, and endure harsh environments. Balance fishing and farming to sustain yourself, and hone your hunting and foraging skills to gather essential resources. Mine, log, and craft tools, weapons, and structures to suit your playstyle, continuously unlocking new crafting recipes to expand your capabilities.


◈ Survive the wilds with resourcefulness, managing stamina, hunger, and exposure to harsh climates. Tend to your wounds, maintain your health, and navigate the icy peaks where every breath is a battle.

◈ Master fishing and farming to sustain yourself, balancing skills between sea and soil. Cast your line for various fish and tend to your fields for a bountiful harvest.

◈ Hunt and forage in untamed lands, using stealth and skill to gather resources while evading predators. Choose wisely between hunting for meat or foraging for edible plants to maintain health and stamina.

◈ Mine, log, and craft tools, weapons, and structures to shape your environment and play style. Build grand fortresses or cosy shelters, and unlock new crafting recipes to expand your creative realm.

◈ Navigate using a realistic night sky, guided by constellations to uncover the island’s secrets. Follow the stars to walk the path of your ancestors and forge your own legendary journey.

◈ Ride horses and command longships, exploring new territories and uncharted waters. Gallop through verdant meadows and navigate the open sea, discovering legendary lands and ancient treasures.

◈ Forge alliances or face adversaries, shaping your destiny and leaving a legacy on the Misty Isle. Immerse yourself in the stories of locals, clans, and cults as you navigate trials and challenges.

◈ Master diverse combat styles with a range of melee and ranged weapons to conquer your foes. Face swift and elusive adversaries, cunning ranged combatants, and heavy-armoured brutes, using timing and positioning to your advantage.