‘Eilean a’ Cheò’
The Misty Isle

Embark on an epic journey through a hyper-realistic, Viking survival game, set on the Isle of Skye. Join Einar as he braves the elements and confronts fearsome predators, unravelling the fate of the land and the mystery of his arrival.

Immerse yourself in the heart-pounding adventure of a lifetime and claim your place among the legendary champions of Odin’s halls.
Skye beckons you to carve your name in history and become the true Viking hero you were destined to be!

Early Access June 2024

Sharpen your axe and prepare to set sail – Valhalla awaits!

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Explore New Worlds

Immerse yourself in a visually stunning open world and prepare to be mesmerised as you traverse the vast landscapes of Mørsvikbotn and Skye. These breath-taking environments, generated using incredibly accurate real-world heightmaps, invite exploration on a massive 1:4 scale, meticulously crafted with utmost care and attention to detail. Thanks to the revolutionary power of Unreal Engine 5, every inch of the dramatic mountain ranges, dense forests, and deep oceans are brought to life. Marvel at the intricate textures, rock formations, and dynamic lighting that create a true-to-life experience. With cutting-edge Nanite technology, the world is rendered in ultra-high quality, allowing you to witness the minute details that make it truly immersive and captivating.

Endure The Elements

Witness unparalleled realism with seamless transitions between day and night, immersing you in a living world that evolves with each passing moment. Prepare to be captivated by the ever-changing weather and seasons and adapt your survival strategies accordingly. Endure the biting cold of harsh winters, test your resilience in treacherous storms, and revel in the warmth and radiance of summers. With the power of Lumen’s fully dynamic global illumination and reflection systems, every scene is a masterpiece, showcasing the interplay of light and shadow and vividly bringing the world to life.

Experience Every Detail

Enjoy exceptional performance in Skye: The Misty Isle, with the ground-breaking technology of Nvidia’s DLSS 3.0. Prepare to be astounded as frame generation, powered by AI technology, delivers awe-inspiring resolution, accelerated framerates, and reduced latency. Every detail of the mist-shrouded isle comes to life with astonishing clarity and smoothness, ensuring an immersive and visually stunning adventure. Dive into the game without compromise, as DLSS 3.0 maximises your hardware’s potential, providing you with the best possible experience as you venture forth onto the mysterious and captivating Misty Isle.

Ensure Your Survival

The path of an adventurer demands resourcefulness, planning, and resilience, where your very survival relies on the harmony of body and spirit. With unwavering vigilance, tend to your wounds and wear every scar as a testament to your path towards Valhalla. Maintain stamina and seek rest, for a healthy adventurer is a formidable one. Keep a watchful eye on your hunger and thirst, and heed the calling of your warrior’s stomach – for a ravenous appetite befits a true champion. Beware the curious traveller who braves the icy peaks, and prepare yourself for bone-chilling temperatures worthy of the Jötnar themselves. Ascend to higher altitudes, where survival hinges on every laboured breath amidst the relentless cold.

Reap Nature’s Rewards

Dive into the rewarding duality of fishing and farming, where the calm waters and fertile lands invite you to master the art of sustenance. Cast your line from fishing piers dotted along the coastlines and lakes, reeling in a variety of fish that will keep you nourished, each catch connects you to the ancient waters. Then, turn your attention to the fields, tend your plots with care and watch as your harvest thrives. Balance your skills between the sea and the soil, ensuring your survival.

Prowl The Wilderness

Hone your skills as a master hunter and forager, navigating untamed lands. Embrace your resourcefulness and adaptability, using stealth to secure essential resources and sustenance to fuel your journey. You must choose your path wisely – hunt for meat to quench your primal hunger or forage for edible plants to sustain yourself. Carefully balance your resources to maintain health and stamina, for every decision shapes your fate. But tread carefully, valiant hunter, for you are not the sole predator stalking the wilderness, and danger lurks behind every tree.

Make Your Mark

Embody the pivotal role of a skilled gatherer, delving deep into the Earth to mine valuable resources and logging the dense forests that shroud the vast landscapes. As a master craftsman, harness the power of your gathered materials to forge a diverse array of tools, equipment, weapons, and prefab or modular structures, perfectly tailored to your unique playstyle. Craft grand fortresses, cosy shelters, or cunning traps, moulding every detail to match your visionary quest. Unravel new horizons of discovery and innovation, and unlock new crafting recipes to expand your creative realm, leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of greatness.

Follow The Stars

Navigate through the vast unknown with the awe-inspiring and realistic night sky as your guiding compass. Lift your gaze to the heavens where the celestial bodies create a mesmerising tapestry as if crafted by the hands of the gods themselves. With each constellation as your guide, you walk the path of your forefathers, drawing inspiration and wisdom from the realms that link past, present, and future. Become a living legend as you honour your ancestors’ legacy and forge your own path through the untamed wonders of this mystical world.

Ride The Waves

Embrace your Viking heritage as you mount majestic steeds, galloping through verdant meadows, dense forests, and rugged terrains. Your bond with your loyal companion strengthens with every rhythmic beat of hooves. Whether you embark on daring quests or simply revel in the beauty of nature, let the spirit of exploration guide you beyond the edges of the known world. And when the call of the open sea beckons, seize the opportunity to take command of your longship and embark on daring voyages. Feel the power of the wind in your sails as you navigate through shimmering waters and untamed waves. The vast ocean becomes your domain, promising uncharted territories and unexplored horizons, where legendary lands, lost treasures, and ancient shipwrecks await your discovery.

Choose Your Path

Venture forth on a transformative journey from your Norse homeland to the elusive Misty Isle, a path guided by the toils and challenges of the people and world around you. Immerse yourself in the captivating role of a protagonist, intertwined in the stories of locals, clans, and cults. Forge powerful alliances with kindred spirits or clash with formidable adversaries who dare to cross your path. Test your skills and mettle, overcoming daring trials and conquering the unknown as you carve your legend and leave an indelible mark upon the island, that echoes through generations to come.

Ready Your Weapon

Take up arms and embrace the spirit of a true Viking, as the adrenaline surges through your veins when vanquishing your enemies. Face a diverse array of foes, from swift and elusive adversaries to cunning ranged combatants, and even ruthless bandits and heavy-armoured brutes wielding mighty hammers. Unleash your courage and allow the warrior within you to wield a vast arsenal of melee and ranged weaponry, from the swift elegance of swords to the raw power of axes, or the deadly precision of bows. Timing and positioning become your greatest allies as you master the art of combat, conquering any who oppose you.